Innovate Together - It's all about connecting people

Any of this sound familiar to you?

Endless meetings that don’t get you anywhere. A sales team that’s great at making sales calls, but not so good at making sales. Sick leave is up. Sales are down. Targets are being missed. There are unresolved issues among team members, and everybody’s feeling the pressure to perform.


That’s where I come in. I believe that it’s people who hold the solutions. And I help them communicate those solutions and help them start acting on them. My clients are always telling me, ‘‘Reinder, your action-oriented approach is the reason we called you in!”


Connecting people, creating the solution

We start off by identifying the core issue, together. It might be: we need to increase sales by 30%. Or: my team is losing sales because of inter-personal issues. I help you clearly state the problems, so we can tackle them head-on.  Together, we formulate a one-page action plan. The result is that relationships start to improve. My approach employs proven methods and a series of built-in follow-up sessions ­­– all to guarantee your team’s ability to achieve its goals.


1. Start

Together, we start off by identifying the core issue

2. Action

The group goes from being passive to active: they take responsibility and define specific actions

3. Alignment

The group all start moving in the same direction. They move towards implementing the action-plan and the solution 

4. Follow-up and follow-through

I return for follow-up sessions to ensure your group achieves its goals

More information about our services coming up soon!