Who are we?

Consultants working from the Heart

We are a global consulting team co-creating approaches with our clients. We all focus on people, performance and culture. You can count on us working from the Heart. Let us introduce the key-people working on different continents.


Reinder Schonewille

Connecting Consultant

Bedrijfskundige en brengt lichtheid in. Sinds 2003 stimuleer ik mensen en teams om beter te werken. Voor mij is de kern: "Alles draait om contact tussen mensen." 


Mobiel: +31 6 52 333 087

Email: reinder@reinderschonewille.com

Website: www.reinderschonewille.com

Joep Stassen

Corporate Comedian

Econoom, bedrijfskundige en stand-up comedian. Met gevoel voor humor én verstand van zaken breng ik medewerkers of deelnemers in beweging.


Mobiel: +31 6 26 80 82 46

Email: joep@joepstassen.nl

Website: www.joepstassen.nl

Elmira Nijhuis

Loves Complexity and research at VU Amsterdam

Elmira focust op kracht, transparantie, gelijkwaardigheid en kwetsbaarheid. Ze houdt van mensen en vooral ook van eigenwijze professionals of kritische directeuren en managers. Staat voor samen doorontwikkelen.


Mobile: ‭+31 6 22 89 84 31‬

Email: mail@elmiranijhuis.nl

Website: www.elmiranijhuis.nl

Roemer Visser

Executive Professor at TIAS Business School

An inspired and effective leadership developer, with a passionate interest in the human dimension of organizational life. Committed to helping teams and individuals discover new possibilities for increased performance, alignment, and fulfillment.


Mobiel: ‭+31 6 41 70 68 10‬

Email: rvisser@detransitie.nl


Sebastian Hamers

Executing Strategy Through People

Helps organizations to manage their organizational life cycle and to grow their business by utilizing the potential and power of people.



Mobile: ‭+31 6 53 61 19 76‬

Email: sebastian@human-insight.com

Richard Robertson

Product Development, Tools and Concepts

Completed Social & Organisational Psychology and Economic & Consumer Psychology Cum Laude. Develops, improves and applies tools and concepts with Human Insight.


Mobile: ‭+31 6 51 55 01 45‬

Email: rrobertson@human-insight.com

Joanie van der Sande

Coaching you to the core of who you are

Joanie houdt zich bezig met Loyaal Leiderschap. Dat houdt in dat jij je leven leidt vanuit het uitgangspunt dat jij bij ALLES wat je doet in je leven je loyaal bent aan jezelf.  Wie ben jij? Waar sta jij voor? 

Terug naar de kern en het inbrengen van integriteit in alle gebieden zodat alles in sync is met wie jij bent.


Mobiel: +31 6 54 23 45 36‬

Email: info@auxilia.co.nl

Joanie op LinkedIn

Karin Peperkamp

Purpose and performance consultant

Mijn doel is om jou te helpen weer rust te vinden, je focus te herpakken en dat je met nieuwe energie en in een lekker tempo kunt werken aan je doelen. 

De mensen die mij kennen, waarderen mijn rust, mijn doelgerichtheid en vermogen om pragmatisch in te haken op de thema's waar u mee zit. 


Mobiel: ‭+31 6 15 08 62 40‬

Email: karin@makeabreak.nl

Reinder op LinkedIn

Johnny Tenn

Talent Coaching & Leading Development

Johnny has been Talent Coaching & leading development workshops for 30+ years.

Currently Executive Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching, Consulting, Leadership training, tutoring new coaches, and facilitating Team building workshops.


Mobiel: +44 79 03 455 020

Email: jetenn10@hotmail.com


Wim Luteijn

Intuitive and Creative Business Consultant

Wim brengt op een positieve, constructieve manier mensen in beweging vanuit bezieling en samenwerking. Zijn kracht is vanuit visie en strategie, teams te coachen en zorgt voor verrassende combinaties en een kansrijke toekomst.


Mobile: +31 6 24 91 75 84‬

Email: wluteijn@detransitie.nl

Website: www.detransitie.nl

Asia Pacific

Lisa Shulander

Australia & New Zealand

Engaging, inspiring and motivating others. Lisa draws from her background in management, project management and business operation to make her work highly practical with immediate relevance to the workplace.



Mobile: +61 439 615 778‬

Email: Lrshulander@gmail.com

Lisa on LinkedIn

Max VanderPols

South East Asia

Max has consistently delivered business value and results for his global clients, specialising in the Change and Implementation Management. His drive is to ensure that the outcomes of research based insights can be applied practically.



Mobile: ‭+65 8438 9128‬

Email: max@getsparced.com

Max on LinkedIn

Kate Clement

Facilitator and Communications Consultant in Australia and South Africa

Her special ‘super powers’ with groups come to the fore when they need high inter-personal communication, empathy and emotional intelligence, have tricky group dynamics, need creative and engaging team-building and could benefit from developing more mindful, somatic presence.


Mobile: ‭‭+61 498 006 131‬

Email: kate@biodanza.com.au

Kate on LinkedIn

Myrna Lewis

Founder of Deep Democracy

North America

Betsy Sobiech

Women's Leadership Development and Team Effectiveness

Expert in organization development, human behavior, training, systems thinking, communications, coaching and philosophy.




Mobile: ‭+1 773 301 3379

Email: bsobiech@tiaracoaching.com

Website: http://clearspace.net

Paul Ratoff

Strategy Development, Consultant and founder of Purposeful Organizations

Assisted middle-market companies plan and manage their growth and success. Paul has published numerous articles in the areas of strategic and financial management and is the author of “Thriving in a New Stakeholder World, Purpose as the New Competitive Advantage”.


Mobile: +1 714 779 5151

Email: paul@ratoffconsulting.com

Website: www.purposefulorganisations.com

Scott Hutcheson

Purdue University Professor  Science of Collaboration and Agile Approaches to Strategy

Scott's focus is on designing and guiding collaborative approaches to strategy in complex systems and he has applied his work in diverse settings like economic development, innovation, business growth, and social change. 


Mobile: ‭+1 765 479 7704

Email: hutcheson@purdue.edu

Website: agilestrategylab.org

Ed Morrisson

Director Agile Strategy Lab Purdue University and creator of Strategic Doing

Ed has been developing new, network-based models for strategy in open, loosely connected networks. These approaches emphasize the strategic value of focused collaboration and innovation in today's global economy. Developed Strategic Doing to accelerate these collaborations.

International network

We have access to international networks of professionals and select the right fit for your project. We prefer working with:

  • Strategic Doing Practitioners - Certified Consultants (licence of I-lab, Purdue University)
  • Human Insight - Certified Business Consultants and Coaches
  • IBF, International Biocentric Foundation - Certified facilitators

Legal organisational structure

"Reinder Schonewille - Spirit in Teams", "Enjoy Yourself, Inspire Others B.V." and other used product names are registered at Chamber of Commerce Utrecht, Netherlands: #30186193 and #62987429.


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